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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express Functional Areas

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express offers a full range of functionalities, included in the following modules:

  • Financial management

  • Fixed assets

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Purchases

  • Inventory


Financial management

The Financial module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express is the main one and includes all the financial and accounting activities of the company:

  • Accounting periods – fiscal years

  • Multiple currencies and exchange rates

  • Bank accounts

  • General ledger

  • Periodic activities

  • Accounting groups – fast accounting

  • Dimensions

  • Budgets

  • Financial reports

  • Analysis and Reporting


Fixed assets

  • Fixed Assets Enrollment

  • Purchases

  • Depreciation

  • Transfers and reclassifications

  • Sales



The Sales module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express helps you establish better relationships with your customers, as it gives you the opportunity to fully and effective manage the whole sales cycle. The module helps you manage the receivables from the customers more effectively, establish a full customer database, to set payment policies, integrate sales with accounting, inventory and other modules.

  • Customer enrollment

  • Maintenance of various price policies

  • Discounts

  • Customer Accounting Groups – fast accounting

  • Payment terms

  • Payment methods

  • Shipment methods

  • Sales person enrollment

  • Sales offer

  • Sales order

  • Sales shipment

  • Sales invoicing

  • Additional item costs

  • Credit memos

  • Reminders



Module Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express gives you various opportunities to improve your customer and prospects and vendors, maintaining full data about each contact and tasks related to them.

  • Contacts Enrollment – companies and people

  • Synchronizing contact with customers and vendors

  • Questionnaires

  • Post groups

  • Segmentation  

  • To-dos

  • Sales representatives

  • Sales teams

  • Microsoft Office Outlook integration



Microsoft Dynamic NAV Express module Purchases helps you manage your supplies effectively. It gives you detailed information about each purchase, payables for the separate accounts and purchase invoices. You have the opportunity to manage your purchase payment more effectively, to create a detailed purchase database, to automate financial functions, to manage easily credit data, to integrate the purchases with financial and inventory module.

  • Vendor enrollment

  • Maintain various price policies

  • Discounts

  • Vendor accounting groups – fast invoicing

  • Payment terms

  • Payment methods

  • Purchase offer

  • Purchase offer

  • Acquisition

  • Invoice

  • Additional item costs

  • Vendor credit memo 



The Inventory module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express helps you reduce purchase and inventory costs, a full view over all inventory activities, increase customer satisfaction. The better automation and item tracking help you to maintain accurate stock levels.

  • Maintain real and virtual inventories

  • Item enrollment

  • Item accounting groups – fast accounting

  • Items

  • Item regrouping

  • Item transfer orders

  • Inventory  

  •       Item reservations