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UniDocs is an open structure management software system for company documentation flow. The solution is designed to satisfy corporate needs, regardless of the size of the company or the type of the documents.

UniDocs makes creating, organization, standardization, management and control of all documents in the company easier. The software system gives the opportunity to optimize business processes through creating a comprehensible, united, and well organized database.

By implementing UniDocs you will increase your employees’ productivity by giving them the opportunity to focus on their real duties and minimizing the document flow management time and the number of inaccurate, unusable documents. The visual and functional characteristics of the solution are designed in compliance with the market requirements and practical business needs, so that they fully meet the employees’ requirements.

With UniDocs you will optimize your company’s efficiency and competition potential by:

  • Creating a centralized archive, in which all the documents are stored.

  • Creating standardized documents and templates with certain set of attributes, allowing fast and efficient search in the entire database.

  • Fast and smooth import of documentation from different sources, thanks to the support of all kinds of electronic documents, regardless of their origin or fail format.

  • Minimizing the risk of information loss thanks to the intuitive and intelligent tools for scanning and importing paper documentation.

  • Managing successful cooperation and document exchange between customers, partners, and employees.

  • Automatic distribution of documentation in the entire company, based on certain criteria related to the document status or the author.

  • Effective control of access to documents with different levels of confidentiality.

  • Saving time and resources through fast and easy search, exchange, and access to documentation.

  • Creating detailed reports and references for different documents and operations with them.

The UniDocs system is easy for installation, implementation, and use, it does not require advanced IT knowledge and can successfully be integrated with any standard software for creating, editing, and review of documentation.

Lyra Software is an official UniDocs solution distributor in Bulgaria. Please, contact us for more information.