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RTrans transportation software Features



Description by Functional Areas


  • Group of one and Group of different customers for single Route

  • International Transportation

  • National Internal Transportation


Sales Orders Control

  • Requests for transport and shipping

  • Information about the goods, loading places, pallets, linear meters, count and others for each request

  • Capacity reporting and tonnage for the trucks and the trailers

  • Routes registration

  • Control of the sales invoices for a specific request

  • Control of the paid sales invoices for a specific request

  • Control of the purchase invoices for a specific request

  • Control of the paid purchase invoices for a specific request


Accomplishment Management

  • Route Administration

  • Account for advance payments, salaries by employees and their payments

  • Expenses, Incomes, Profitableness by route.

  • Information about the average fuel consumption in money and in liters per 100 km

  • Information about Profitableness per kilometer

  • Reported Route Passes registration

  • Collecting the main data, concerning the transportation  - about the route, the trailer, the driver, start and end fuel volume in the petrol tank etc.

  • Reporting the passed distances loaded and empty

  • Reporting of the fees paid during the route – types of fees, paid amounts, payment method, currency type, invoices etc.

  • Reporting of the fuel loaded on the route, liters loaded , kilometers passed, amounts paid, payment method, currency type, invoices etc.

  • Reporting the GSM expenses on specific route

  • Collecting the map distances  between two locations/cities and count the difference between real distance covered by route pass and by map

  • Keep information concerning TIR Carnets , permits, licenses and others route expenses


Motor fleet Management

  • Keep information about trucks, trailers and others important fixed assets buying

  • Account for Trucks and trailers repairs

  • Defining composition

  • Defining responsible person/driver to each trailer

  • Information about repair times, amount by repairs, and trailers

  • Trucks and Trailers characteristics – weight, length, width, height, fuel capacity, goods capacity

  • Administering fuel expenses by trucks

  • Administering fines by trucks

  • Administering insurance and other expenses by trucks


Cash Flow Management

  • Customer Invoicing – possible for specific requests for transport and shipping, as well as services sales or main fixed assets sales

  • Customer Receivables Reporting

  • Invoices payments – possible advance or partial payments

  • Purchases Invoices -  by request, shipping or other purchase

  • Payables reporting by Vendor (Carter)

  • Payables reporting for purchases invoices

  • Reporting of common expenses

  • Account for VAT for sales and purchases

  • Ledger Accounting for every main business process

  • Money transfers


Main Functionality

  • Defining currencies

  • Voiding ledger documents

  • Types of documents: requests, routes, route passes, invoices, etc.  – working and finished , needed for the reports and analysis

  • Unlimited concurrent users*

  • User rights limitations

  • Unlimited companies*

  • All functional areas integration

  • Dimensions Reporting

  • Navigation

  • Reports