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Lyra Software in a partnership with Technical University - Sofia


The students from the faculty of transportation will explore Rtrans and CargoWiz


From the new school year 2009/10 the students from the faculty of transportation in the Technical University of Sofia have started to study the transportation and freight forwarding software products Rtrans and CargoWiz.


Rtrans has been developed by Lyra Software in order to optimize the business in the transportation and freight forwarding companies in Bulgaria, to help them organize the business processes and to gather full control over them. CargoWiz is a product from the American company Softtruck which is easy to use and affordable software for creating compact load plans. CargoWiz ensures optimal load of pallets, crates, cartons, etc.


Both solutions represent the innovations and the last trends in the transportation sector not only in Bulgaria but worldwide as well. They are proven efficient and embed all the business processes in the transportation companies.


“We are glad that we can share our knowledge and experience with the students from the Technical University of Sofia. Exploring specialized software which manage the modern transportation business, they will definitely gather good knowledge and will prepare for real working environment”, said Dimitar Mashev, Managing Director, Lyra Software.


“The board of the Faculty of Transport at the Technical University of Sofia would like to express its appreciation and gratitude to Lyra Software for the donating generous aid you have provided to our learning process which will definitely contribute to the enhancement of the quality of training provided to our students”, shared Assoc. Prof. Teodossi Evtimov, Dean of the Faculty of Transport, Technical University – Sofia.