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Lyra software at Smart Logistics Conference



On March 18th 2010 was held the first annual conference Smart Logistics, organized by Uconomics. The seminar was focused on the growth opportunities in the transportation sector in Bulgaria, SCM, logistic technologies, systems and solutions for optimization of the logistics and freight forwarding and good practices for better logistic process and services. Lyra Software is one of the companies that received special invitation to take part in the conference. Mr. Dimitar Mashev, Managing Director, Lyra Software was first to present in the second session of the conference.


In the presentation, Mr. Mashev highlighted the main trends in the logistic sector worldwide and in Bulgaria, the problems that the companies are facing today and their IT needs. The presentation included the main features of the integrated business management software. Rtrans, the specialized solution for transport, freight forwarding and logistic companies was also introduced, as well as its benefits. At the end, Mr. Mashev paid attention to the main trends in the future development of the sector.


“We are glad that we had the opportunity to take part in this conference and to share our knowledge about the sector and the current business software development technologies. It will be good if these events become regular as they are very important for the companies form this dynamics sector”, said Dimitar Mashev.